IT Emergency

Emergency IT support and assistance at Ridgeway Computers

Ridgeway Computers of Canada offers emergency IT support services in Greater Toronto Region. Instant ‘on site’ assistance and support services are available through our well trained and experienced hardware and software professionals who attend to the exigency as experts. If your company has suffered any type of IT emergency, just give us a call at 9056070096 and we will reach you to attend in the least of timelines. You can also mail us at

Swift and complete support for any IT exigency

Ridgeway Computers has been offering its IT emergency response and assistance services for the past 15 years and has delivered satisfactorily without fail. We are therefore considered as the trusted IT assistance partners by hundreds of business clients who have availed of our services in the past. Most of our clients in the business segment are our repeat customers who have entered into term contracts with Ridgeway Computers towards ensuring immediate and hassle free on site emergency IT assistance of entire diversity. While we have been catering towards their emergent requirements, we also attend to the new callers in distress due to glitch or breakdown of their IT infrastructure.

We have special logistics arrangement to reach to your destination at short notice and deliver the services in a holistic way. Our emergency IT response team comprises experts who are adept in the tasks of diagnosing the cause of IT failure or inconsistency of any kind and they ascertain the reason swiftly. After the reason of the fault is established, the corrective measures are taken. Sourcing of the failed components in your IT infrastructure is done alongside from our workshop where we maintain a buffer stock of the necessary and critical parts. This minimizes the fault correction time and your IT set up bounces back on track in little time. Such fast response and authentic assistance have made Ridgeway Computers the preferred emergency IT support banner in the Greater Toronto Region of Canada.

Frontline and secure emergency IT service

 Our emergency IT support is offered in consonance with the latest technologies in the sector and we deliver frontline solutions and assistance that ensures that your operational efficiencies remain buoyant and do not suffer along any dimensions. Thus if your company is encountering any lags due to inefficient IT performance just give us a call or mail us and we will make available the swift resurrections. Throughout our IT support service, your enterprise data and end points remain secure and guarded and hence you need not be concerned regarding data privacy and safety.