IT Services


We are experts in designing­ and installing networks that suit your business. Even if you already have a network, we can review/up-date your netwo­rk requirements, advise you on wireless networking, train your staff and teach you best practices.

Whether standard or bespoke server solutions are required, or whether you want wired or wireless access, we will work with you to find the best solution that meets your business needs, all whilst considering cost implications.

Effective planning and implementation are essential to the introduction or modification of your network requirements. We will work closely with you to identify your exact IT network needs and ensure your new requirements are implemented smoothly and efficiently.


Technological innovation is key to business success. Virtualization gives you that edge!
Simplify your business, reduce costs and go greener!

What is virtualization?

Virtualization is about the simplification of your IT infrastructure and doing more with less. Yes you can run more than one server on one ‘piece of tin’ in your organization and benefit from increased resilience and data recoverability. Virtualization enables multiple operating systems and applications to run on a single computer simultaneously anywhere within your organization, thus maximizing the utilization of your hardware.

We are experts in helping small and medium size businesses review their existing IT infrastructure with a view of introducing virtualization. There are no doubts that implementing virtualization within your organization will bring you extensive benefits.

Virtualization key deliverables: Reduce costs and improve performance and flexibility in your IT infrastructure. Become more environmentally friendly!

How is this achieved?

Maximize your server investment and reduce expenditure: virtualization means that you will maximize the use of your server by using it to run a number of other virtual servers. Fewer servers required less money spent!

Save energy and reduce running costs: virtualization means you will need to purchase fewer servers than you would otherwise require for your business. This also means less power required to run the servers and to keep them cool! A substantial amount of energy will be saved on a daily basis!

Go greener: utilizing less energy means you are actively seeking methods that will reduce energy waste and help our environment.

Maximize office/storage space: servers can take up a lot of space! Less servers means more space to store other things and making the area easily accessible for maintenance.

Reduce storage costs, make more space, improve the look of your office: with less server space required you may be able to reconsider its relocation, create more office space for your staff or other equipment..whilst also improving on your office look depending on where your servers are located of course.

Improve safety: fewer servers mean less cabling and electric parts required, which in turn makes the overall area less hazardous, therefore safer.

Save working hours and reduce potential revenue losses: it is easier and quicker to restore virtual servers than it is to repair technical hardware problems. Avoid staff sitting around for hours and not been able to work or fulfill their jobs properly by reducing the time it takes to get back to working order. Improve your recovery times!

Operate easier: the more servers you have, the more complex your set up and the more likely you are to have problems and maintenance issues. A simpler system will save you both maintenance costs and time spent sorting out problems!

Reduce risks: the less number of servers means the less risks of breakdowns.


Linux is an extremely reliable free operating­ system based on UNIX. If you require Linux consultancy or assistance in your implementation we can help. Feel free to contact us for a no obligation chat to discuss your needs­.

Security Analysis

Checking that your security measures ­actually work is a top priority. ­Security Analysis is vital.­

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Servicing your customers effectively and building a good reputation are key ingredients to long-term success. With this in mind, business continuity is key in en­suring that any disruption to your business is limited and does not adversely affect your revenue, reputation or your customers.

We can work with you to ensure the best possible disaster recovery solutions are implemented should your business come under any disruption, great or small that they may be. These are IT solutions that best meet your business needs and ensure your business continues thriving under any circumstances.

Why is Disaster Recovery (DR) essential to business survival and long term success?

You would be mistaken in thinking that disaster recovery and business continuity planning can be limited to the larger organizations. All businesses have and will experience some kind of disruption that will affect their business negatively if not managed effectively. It may be that the word “disaster” itself leaves some people thinking that they are not likely to be struck by any “disaster” as such. Yet the word “disaster” does not only apply to a fire, a flood or indeed a major incident. The most frequent “disasters” or should we say “incidents” that require disaster recovery are much more common and can be as simple as a breach of security, an undetected virus, hardware failures or software issues to name but a few.

With this in mind, you can see how effective disaster recovery (DR) planning and implementation is likely to be required by many companies. If disaster recovery solutions are not implemented, companies can suffer serious business setbacks that can negatively affect their performance and survival in the short and long-term. Disasters can lead to:

  • Financial losses
  • Damaged reputation
  • Customer’s dissatisfaction and potential loss of customers
  • Loss of capacity
  • Confusion and disarray within the company
  • Loss of working time
  • Wasted resources.

It is therefore vital to implement a disaster recovery plan immediately. Ideally, a DR plan is already in place making the recovery even faster. We are experts in delivering disaster recovery solutions and business continuity plans that meet your business needs. To find out more call us on 905 607 0096.

IT Relocation and IT Equipment Removal

Moving your IT infrastructure isn’t always as easy as it seems and­ careful consideration must be given to plan its relocation prior to the move. We can assist you in moving or relocating your IT infrastructure throughout the Northwest.

We can provide you with a comprehensive IT removal service, from a full IT relocation audit to establish your moving requirements through to assisting you in the actual move itself. Our team can assist with:

  •  IT relocation planning
  •  Server relocation and re-installation
  •  PC relocation and re-installation
  •  Re-integrating your IT equipment
  •  Carrying out tests and ensuring all IT equipment is working properly
  •  Testing your IT infrastructure once re-installed.

We have helped many of our clients with their IT relocation and we have the experience required to make your move a success. Moving offices can be a stressful experience at the best of times without the added concerns of ensuring you are back on line quickly and efficiently without disruption to your own customers and your business. When it comes to IT relocation and moving IT equipment, Ridgeway Computers IT services can help you relocate in a timely, efficient and stress free manner! Contact us or call us today on 9025 607 0096 to discuss your company move.