PC Tutoring & Installation

Live PC Tutoring and Installation service at Ridgeway Computers

Ridgeway Computers Canada offers dedicated and customized live PC tutoring to the seekers who can make a call to us anytime. If you have bought a new PC just now and don’t know how to get started then give us a call and our experts will be more than happy to assist you in the best and easiest ways to getting things done. Our PC tutoring and installation services are responded by the computer experts who have special knowledge and experience in various system configurations and hardware networking. They guide the caller regarding how to unpack the package securely and make the initial connections without fail. The guidance is offered in a step by step manner while simple and nontechnical language is used to make the things hassle free. Our experts assist you till your PC is fully established and configured and gets running with your commands. Whether you have bought a Mac or a PC or laptop, we are here to help you throughout! Just give us a call at 905-607-0096!

The troubleshooting

Apart from assisting the callers for new PC installation, our experts also offer PC tutoring on a broad range of issues that any user may confront anytime during work on his computer. PC is a smart yet sophisticated machine and a wrong or unwarranted command can send it into the undesirable modes which create hassles for the user who remains ignorant and worried about the state of affairs. Thus if your computer has got hanged or there are some booting problems being encountered, we will help you out in such cases too. Our troubleshooting assistance is modeled as very authentic and uses simple protocols that could be grasped by any caller who may be completely amateur in computer use! We guide the caller through the diagnosis cycles and thus the experts find out the type and cause of inconsistency being faced by the user at the other end. After the cause is established, the expert on call guides the user towards the solution. Ranging from anti-virus application to BIOS settings and other issues, we offer complete assistance on all matters.

PC tutoring at Ridgeway Computers

Live calling PC tutoring services offered by Ridgeway Computers also encompasses topics of choice which the seeker can avail. We offer comprehensive tutoring on computer use and maintenance. Whether you want us to teach you how to make an email account or send a mail, or you want to know how to download a video or burn a DVD, we will help you in all aspects and demands! Just make us a call at: 905-607-0096